Voice Fox Telephony provides next generation solutions for all of your telecommunications needs. With over 15 years of telecommunications engineering experience, we are able to solve even your most complex telecom needs. Serving the needs of both small business offices and large telephone carriers. 

Voice Over IP Services (VoIP)

Voice over IP is here and it's mainstream telecom. Let us help bring you intelligent network design using the latest technology. We utilize the latest available open source technologies to offer you custom solutions to all of your telecommunications needs saving you money in design, implementation and hardware. Network designs that used to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars can now be envisioned for considerably less using commodity hardware and open source software.  Don't let your needs be dictated by the big box manufacturers. 

Voice Fox Telephony specializes in the needs of Wholesale VoIP providers. However, we are able to assist with the requirements in almost any telecommunications needs. Contact us today for more information!

Traditional CLEC Services

The way traditional CLECs operate under-the-hood has changed significantly over the years due to advances in software based routing and telecom regulations. Voice Fox Telephony knows the operational requirements and special needs for CLECs. From Class 5 tandem interconnection to SONET / DWDM network designs, we can help you future proof your network. 

Intelligent Routing

With recent changes in legislature and the ongoing change in the termination markets, CLECs must stay on top of the evolving markets. Alternative termination partners can save you more money than ever. If you don't presently perform Least Cost Routing (LCR), we can help you increase your margins. Now more than ever it's critical to be performing Jurisdictional based routing and routing based on the Local Routing Number (LRN). Most carriers have begun to bill based on LRNs and if you don't route and bill based on LRNs as well, you are losing money. Let us help update your network to evolve with the changing markets!

Billing and CDR Collection

To keep up with today's evolving markets, having reliable access to your data is critical. We have expertise in managing big data using advanced analytics platforms. Whether you need to perform analytics on your existing collected data or you are looking for an entirely new invoicing and CDR mediation platform, we can assist you with your needs. Contact us today for more information!